September 11, 2014

Where have I even been?

I had a friend visit last night, and she asked me this simple question:

What have you been up to this summer?

Seems like a simple question, but I had a hard time finding an answer for her.  I feel like since the Nova Scotia road trip, I've been really busy, but I couldn't say with what.

I recently read an article about living a BIG life vs living a BUSY life, and while I thought I was leading a BIG life, my inability to articulate what I've been doing over the last two months tells me that I've just been busy.

Anyone else out there feel like you're spinning your wheels?

I'm going to take some time over the next week to ask myself some questions about what I want, and get myself on track to make the last 3.5 months of 2014 really mean something to me.

And, for those of you following along, my 3xweek activity challenge crashed and burned after the road trip, and our budget has been so tight that we haven't been taking allowances anyway.  For richer and for poorer, right?

July 7, 2014

In at the last minute

Week 3 session 3
Got this one in at the last minute - Sunday I went for not one, but TWO hikes in Kananaskis.  My friend and I did Heart Creek Trail, which has a mild incline, and ends at a hidden waterfall.  Then we went for lunch in Canmore (mmm.. sandwich at Beamers), and decided to do Grassi Lake.  We went a bit past the lake up to where the climbers hang out, then headed home.  I fell asleep while she drove.

I think maybe this week I need to focus on getting my sleep habits back under control.  I stayed up waay too late while DH was away.

July 5, 2014

Trucking Along

Today I got in my Week 3 session 2

I finally got out climbing again with my buddy Carey, and this time, with our friend Win, who totally rocked her first day out climbing.

There's a rout off to the left with the two bulges on it - yeah, I did that today.

July 1, 2014

Week 3 off to a good start.

Well, I measured myself for the first times since before starting this thing.  I'm down about a half inch  all over.  that makes me happy!!

Week 3 session 1

Well, I went for a half hour walk (3.7K, according to google map pedometer) with my friend Sabrina, and then, because I was already warmed up, I did another video.

30 min Standing Ab Workout 

I've decided I like these videos because there's no cheesy music in the background. It's just me and my breath.  I can watch what the gal on screen is doing to check if I'm doing it right, and the voiceover tells me when to get ready to start and stop.

According to this website, I burned approximately 270 calories. (I'm in the upper weight range of where they estimate)

Anyway, Today felt good to move again, and I know I'll be hurting tomorrow, so that's... good.
I made some quiches with veggies and cheese.  I had intended to have them for breakfast on Wednesday and Thursday, but I just ate one for diner as I was writing this.

om nom nom.

June 27, 2014


Week 2 session 3 

I saw a naturopath a while back, and she recommended

This morning, I checked out their youtube channel, which is awesome, and picked two 10-minute videos to do as my 3rd session this week.

Express Calorie Blaster - 10 minute toning and cardio workout


Standing Abs Excercises - 10 minute standing abs workout 

I don't know if it's cause it's a million degrees in my apartment, but after 20 min, I am dripping with sweat, and it hurts to cough, which tells me the ab stuff was hitting the right spots.

On a side note, I'm really enjoying being a)pushed/prodded/supported by my support buddy, and the threat of my allowance being taken away if I don't get my ass out of bed is also a really great motivator!

June 26, 2014

Ab/Butt/Thigh day.

So the concert last night went really really well.  it was a benefit concert for a group called Servants Anonymous, who work with women (and their children, if children there are) who are or have been part of the human trafficking/sex trade, and works to house them safely and discreetly, and care for them while they learn new skills to build a new life.

I got home quite late, so I didn't do my extra cardio, but I did get up this morning and do three videos from  I used to love that website for all things fitness, but it got to be more about the social than the fitness, so I'm not on there much anymore.

Here's the videos I did, all in succession.

Week 2, session 2

Pilates abs workout

Pilates hips and thighs workout

Spark People's butt blasting workout

June 25, 2014

Today's Yoga.

Week 2 Session 1.

No, I didn't do the cardio I said I'd do yesterday. I thought my time was better spent preparing for tonight's gig.

I DID do yoga this morning.

Colleen Saidman is very good at describing the poses, so even if you can't see the screen, you still know what you're supposed to be doing.